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Military Ball 2020
Military Ball 2020
Military Ball 2020
Military Ball 2020
Military Ball 2020
Military Ball 2020
Cadet Allison Jones
2020 Squad Drill Competition Winners
Trinity and Abby
Precision in Ohio
Precision in Ohio
Sporter in Arizona
Raiders 2020
Marksmanship 2020
Veterans Day Assembly
Color Guard 2020
Raiders at Comp!
Veterans Day Parade
Veterans Day Parade
Staff at Veterans Day Parade
Veterans Day Parade
Veterans Day Parade
Home of the Heroes Match 2019
Raiders Shoveling Snow
November 2, 2019
Fundraising for France!
Members of the 2019 Rifle Team
Staff Bowling Trip
2018-2019 Staff in Washington, D.C.
Chinatown in Washington, D.C.
LET 2 Cadets Teach LET 1 Cadets
Military Ball 2019
Rifle Team Awarded by LTC O
Military Ball 2019
Military Ball 2019
Military Ball 2019
Military Ball 2019
Military Ball 2019
Military Ball 2019
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2018 Veterans Day Parade
2018 Veterans Day Parade
2018 Veterans Day Parade
Color Guard Team-Bonding
Cadets at Wyoming University
Cadets at Wyoming University
Raiders in the Pool
Color Guard at the 2018 Pep Rally
Cyber Patriot Team 1
Cyber Patriot Team 2
North JROTC Rifle Team at Nationals
Cyber Patriot Hard At Work


Home of the Heroes Match 2019
Raiders at DNWRO
Denver Rifle Meet #3



The North JROTC CyberPatriot Teams squared off against 3500 other teams from the Airforce, Navy, Marines and Civil Air Patrol JROTCs world wide in round 1 of 3 on Sunday.  This non stop, six hour marathon,  included securing networks on Windows, Server and Ubuntu operating systems, Cisco networking and packet tracer quizzes. For more information about Cyber Patriot see uscyberpatriot.org


The North JROTC Marksmanship Teams had a busy weekend shooting in match # 3 of the Denver Centennial League and in the Hall of Heros Cup Match sponsored by Pueblo County HS.  The precision team won the Denver match and placed 2nd in Pueblo.   Mark Semien and Abigail Orozco placed 2 and 4th of 34 individually in the precision division.  Alani Grissop placed 2nd of 74 in the sporter division.  Great work.   Next round is right here at North on. Saturday 30 October.  Come out and cheer on your marksmanship teams. The  first relay starts at 8am. 

Raider comp 

The North Army JROTC Raider teams dominate 11 other teams from Colorado and Wyoming placing FIRST over all  at the Loveland High School JROTC Raider Challenge on Saturday 16 OCT 21.   Events included a 3K cross country run, 1 minutes of push-ups and sit-ups, a wall crossing, a one rope bridge crossing, a 800 meter 100 lb litter carry,  a 200 meter agility course,  a team building exercise called the ledge and tug o war.  Viking Raiders brought first place hardware in the Push-up and sit-ups, rope bridge crossing, the ledge, the agility course and the wall crossing.   Great work Viking Cadets. 

Free lunch 

 During the Ballarat fire mitigation project  trip MAJ Lynch decide on a small competition and who ever won with “saw off”of the trees he will take them to lunch on him at the Mongolian grill in Denver.


Balarat was a really fun expirese for the cadet to learn about nature and giving back to the community as they handed sawed some of the dead tress to help clean up and after that going an expoloring on the pro and cons of whiled fires.

Rockie game 

 Color guard performed at the rookie game starting off the game.” we had a really good time expressly being able to go on the field and than getting settled with the other team and we were the loudest out of all of them.




The North Army JROTC precision marksmanship team shot their first round in the National Orion Precision Champions Division against Atrisco Heritage Academy Marine Corp JROTC in Albuquerque, NM on Thursday morning starting at 6:30. the 30th if September.   This match consisted of 40 targets in the standing position shot over 58 minutes and is the first of 7 matches they will shoot against teams from as far away as Kaiserslautern Germany over the next 2 months. Good luck to Mark, Abigail, Danika and Elisabeth.




Color guard 


Color guard has performed there first event to start off the year Denver North Color Guard opened the Ceremony for The Colorado Elks Association annual meeting. One of the perks was an AMAZING Filet Mignon and a desert to die for. What a rough event right?

                                                              Start of the new school year 


Here is a new start of the new school. Thank you to the marmenship team for starting off the year with a rifle clinic which is for people to learn to take care of their rifles and how to shoot them as well. The safety and discipline while using an air rifle has to be priority one while being arranged. Thank you to everyone that helped put this clinic together for our cadet and use and take care of an air rifle








Color Guard Virtual Competition 

The Denver North Army JROTC Color Guard defeated 17 other Color Guards

the state to take the first place trophy at the Colorado State Drill Meet on

16 April 2021.

The Denver North JROTC Raider team competed last week in event number one

of the three parts Denver JROTC Spring Raider Series. 

Our Raider 1 team had placed first with a victory over the 8 other boy teams. Individual awards were given to members Emilio Carrasco, Immanuel Johnson, Jackie Martinez, Marcos Bonilla, Isaiah Fornoff, and Gavin Eaton. Jeffrey Schnebly (second from left) captured a very close 3rd place overall, missing 2nd by 4 points. Our girl team tied for 2nd place overall and ended up in 3rd place with the tiebreaker. Individual awards were given to Allison Jones and Mylee Martinez.

Congratulations to the North Raiders team!

The Marksmanship team had four competitions.


Our sporter team went against South and Manual High School and the sporter team was

able to rank 1st overall at South with Suriana Mendez and Katrena Silletto individually placing first at both events. Our precision team competed against Abraham Lincoln High School and West and had ranked 1st overall as Myra Luna was able to individually place first for both events.

Congratulations to the Marksmanship team!

Cyber Patriot Competition 


  North JROTC Cyber Patriots placed 3rd in Colorado (all service teams) in round 2. Cadets

worked on 3 different operating system images to help their "company" make security

decisions to insure the networks were secured.

The Marksmanship team competed in a JROTC league competition.

 Within the country, sporter ranked 33rd and precision ranked 14th. In the CMP

Championship, sporter ranked 28th and precision ranked 32nd among the other

Schools. Our precision team placed in the first 6 places for their team with Myra Luna placing first. The sporter team had also competed against the North region Feb.15-20th, with the team placing second overall. Individual ranks for sporter would be Suriana Mendez in third and Katrina Silletto in fourth.

Congratulations to the North Marksmanship team!


                     Raider Competition                 


The Raider team placed 2nd overall in this virtual

competition. Emilio Carrasco placed first individually in pull-ups. Air Academy High School "hosted" 7 teams in this for an event test of strength and endurance. Events Included were 4x400 relay, sit-up relay where each Cadet completed 80 sit-ups for time, pull-ups, and the 4 lb

seated ball throw.

    Cyberatriot competition 


Cyberatriot placed astonishingly with first of 6 Colorado Army teams, 4th of the21

all service teams, and 34 out of the 119 total state teams participating in round 1.

Worldwide, the Vikings placed 13 of 11 5Army teams, and 643 of the 2,480 total







       JROTC Staff Thanksgiving Baskets

            North Army JROTC staff has decided to giveaway Thanksgiving Baskets 

              To families in need. They gave away two baskets to two families.

            Each member of the staff team donated what they could and they all have assembled baskets filled with helpful goods. They contain turkey, ham, apple juice, potatoes, gravy, cookies, bread rolls, soup, canned goods, and cranberry sauce. On 21 November 2020 staff members brought their items to the school, and the baskets will be brought to families.







Raider Team first virtual competition


North Army JROTC Raider Team met on Tuesday, October 20, 2020, for a

"virtual" competition. Hosted by the Southern Colorado Raider League and

the"Cyclones" of Pueblo West High School Army JROTC. Events Included 1

minute of push-ups, 1 minute of sit-ups, a 1-mile run (seen below) followed

by the standing broad jump. The Events Were Graded by SSG Delgado and

SGT Perez from the Lakewood Army Recruiting Station. 







LLJ and Forever Jose’s Sanchez World

  Jose was a great cadet and overall was a great person. We lost him, but here are a few words from his family and fellow cadets.

Jose was a great friend, a great brother, a great son, a great cadet, and a great soul and person overall. He was the sweetest most high energy and the goofiest person you can meet his smile is so contagious his laugh was the best sound ever and now I won’t hear that ever again but I know for a fact he would want everyone who knew him to know that he loved them he cared for all of you guys he always put people first before him he was taken so fast from us but everyone has 1 job and that is to keep his spirit alive and always remember him for who he was and how each one of you guys remembered him. We all have a different version of Jose and I'm glad I got to experience years of life with him, that's my baby brother and I’ll forever ride for him. LLJ 4vr Joses World -Sister





Military Ball 2020

North JROTC students were very excited for this year's ball; this was the highest turnout the ball has ever had. Students enjoyed a night filled with food, fun, dancing, pictures, and so much more.









Allison Jones - 2020 Military Ball Commandant

Our very own Cadet Allison Jones won the honor of being the 2020 Military Ball Commandant. Her hard work and exemplary attitude have led her to become one of the top Cadets in our program, as demonstrated through this award. We are so proud of you, Ally!

Congrats 2020 Squad Drill Competition Winners!

Squad Leader Brandon Barranco and his squad members Alani Reynolds and Bela Ortiz placed first in our Battalion Squad Drill Competition. Congratulations to you three, and keep setting the bar high!

Great Job Precision!

North Army JROTC Precision Marksmanship team placed third in the Army JROTC Service Championships in Camp Perry, Ohio this weekend. Mayra Luna placed seventh overall at the individual level. Great work to Precision; you all continue to do amazing things in competition.



Sporter Secures More BIG VICTORIES!

The North Army JROTC Sporter Marksmanship Team placed 4th in the Western Region and 5th in the Western and South Eastern Region out of 34 teams (160 individuals) in the Army JROTC Service Championships in Chandler, Arizona. Katrena Silletto and Surianna Mendez placed second and sixth, respectively, at the individual level in the western region. Katrena placed fourth out of the Western and South-Eastern Regions. Congratulations to the immense amount of hard work, dedication to success, and high practice ethic that sporter has demonstrated in their outstanding performance. Good luck to Sporter in their next big competition: JROTC All Service Championships in Camp Perry, Ohio!​

Cyber Patriot State Round - Final Results

Our Cyber Patriot teams did some tremendous work this year! Team 1 placed fourth in the All Services Division and reached Platinum Level in Colorado; they were also the first place Army team. Team 1's hard work and dedication led them to be just 18 points shy from third place and qualifying for the National Semi-Finals. Regardless, we are beyond proud of their performance! Overall, Team 1 is ranked 846 out of a total of 3,546 teams nationwide. Team 2 placed sixth in the All Services Division and reached the Gold Level in Colorado. Team 2 was just 22 points away from securing fifth place and qualifying for the National semi-Final round. We are very proud of Team 2, too! Overall, Team 2 is ranked 1,347 out of 3,467 teams nationwide.​

Marksmanship at RMR

On Saturday (December 7th), 40 Sporter and 23 Precision marksmanship teams (300 marksmen in total) from Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah assembled in Fort Carson, Colorado to compete shoulder-to-shoulder in the Rocky Mountain Regional Championship and the Colorado State Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Championship.

Denver North JROTC brought home some hardware!

At the CMP, our Sporter team placed first in their division and our Precision team placed fourth in their division. Individually, Katrena Silletto placed second among the Sporter shooters.

At RMR, our Sporter team placed second in their division and our Precision team placed seventh place in their division. Katrena Silletto placed fourth in Age Group 1, Suri Mendez placed third in Age Group 2, Seng Ing placed fourth in Age Group 2, and Nabila Huapaya placed second in Age Group 3.

Congrats to our amazing marksmen on all of their amazing accomplishments.

State Rifle Match Victory

Congratulations to our marksmanship team who placed first overall at the State Rifle Match! Cadets Katrena Silletto and Elena Farell placed first overall in the two-man team division. Cadets Surianna Mendez and Seng Ing placed third overall in the two-man team division. Cadet Silletto placed first overall, Elena Farell placed third overall, and Eva Santistevan placed fifth overall. Great job ladies!

Veterans Day

On Veterans Day, several Cadets from the 3rd Battalion worked to plan and execute a school-wide assembly to pay tribute to our nation's veterans. Many Cadets shared historical wartime events that the United States has been involved in, as well as what Veterans Day meant to each of them. These Cadets were joined by a special guest- a North alumnus of 1966 who was in the Navy for eight years.​

Thank you to all of these Cadets who shared their wise words. More importantly though, thank you to our veterans, for their courage, strength, dedication, and valor.


Veterans Day Parade

The 3rd Battalion marched in the 2019 Veterans Day Parade. We were led by Honor Platoon, Color Guard, and the Battalion Staff. Thank you to all of our Cadets for representing North well. 

Bringing Home the Gold - Home of the Heroes Match

Our marksmanship team brought home multiple wins after participating in the Home of the Heroes Match at Pueblo County High School (Oct. 26, 2019). Our sporter team took 1st place overall and our precision team took 4th overall, each team in their respective division. Special shout-out to Cadets Katrena Silletto who took 1st place in sporter, Elena Farell who took 2nd place in sporter, and Mayra Luna who took 4th place in precision.

Go Raiders! DNWRO Comp. Champs

The male Denver North Raider Team took first place overall out of 18 teams at the Denver North West Raider Open this past Saturday on November 2nd. In terms of the specific events, they won first place in the Army Physical Fitness Test, the team pull-up event, the 400-meter litter carry, and they took third place in the standing broad jump. There were a total of 31 teams (18 male and 13 female) from a variety of schools around Colorado. Again, congrats to our male raiders who took gold in the male division.​


Help Our Cadet Staff Go to Boston!

​Please help our Cadet Staff raise money for our trip to Boston, Massachusetts this summer! Our staff has been given the special opportunity to spend a week in Boston in June of 2020. During this trip, we will learn about the most historical aspects of America, gain insight into American culture (especially in Boston) as a whole, and have the opportunity to grow and build together as a staff. Our staff is ecstatic to have been given this amazing opportunity. However, with all of this comes a price, quite literally.

Donations of $20 and above would be greatly appreciated. To donate, please get in contact with Major Lynch (rscott_lynch@dpsk12.net) or reach out to any individual on our Cadet Staff (see the "Staff" tab) if you have any questions.

We appreciate your support!

Denver Marksmanship Meet #3 - Vikings Take More Wins!

Once again, our sporter and precision marksmanship teams dominated in competition. At the third Denver Rifle Meet of the school year, the North precision team scored second overall in the precision division. Congratulations to Mayra Luna who took second place individually, and Abigail Orozco who took seventh place individually. The North sporter team finished first overall in the sporter division. Congratulations to Elena Farell who placed first, Katrena Silletto who placed second, Suriana Mendez who placed fourth, and Seng Ing who placed sixth.

Wyoming Raider Meet

Our North Raiders had a blast at the Wyoming Raider Meet. Shoutout to these Cadets for their hard work and continuous dedication to physical fitness.





Female Windsor Gardens Speech Competition 2019

Congratulations to Cadet Captain Madison Allen who represented North High School JROTC at the 2019 Female Windsor Gardens Speech Competition. She and nine other Cadets each presented their speeches to a crowd that addressed the following prompt: What does patriotism mean to me?







Homecoming 2019!


Our Cadets had a blast at Homecoming this year! Spirit week leading up to the Homecoming dance was also extremely fun. Congratulations to our very own Cadet Major Bente Bungum for being elected as Homecoming Princess! Pictured: Cadet Captain Allen (Left), Cadet Command Sergeant Major Jones (Right)

North Raider Team Brings Home Multiple Victories at their First Denver Raider Meet

Congrats to the Viking Raiders! At the Denver Raider Meet sponsored by the Colorado Army National Guard, The Viking male team placed first overall in the male division and the Viking female team placed third overall in the female division. Keep it up Raiders!

North Marksmanship Team Dominates at the 1st Denver City League Tournament of the School Year

Congratulations to the North JROTC Marksmanship Team! Out of 18 teams, North's two sporter teams finished first and seventh. Our precision team placed second out of six teams. In addition, Cadets Katrena Silletto, Seng Ing, and Elene Farell placed first, second, and third individually out of 77 competitors.


Denver North Staff at the 2019 Commissioning Ceremony

Our Cadet Staff did a great job representing the North JROTC program at this year's Commissioning Ceremony taking place at George Washington High School.

This year's staff is as follows:

Battalion Commander - C/LTC Aaron Singer

Battalion Executive Officer - C/MAJ Bente Bungum

Command Sergeant Major - C/CSM Allison Jones

S-1 - C/2LT Nicolas Carrasco

S-2 - C/2LT Surianna Mendez

S-3 - C/MAJ Katrena Silleto

S-4 - C/2LT Mark Semien

S-5 - C/2LT Manuel Ortiz

S-6 - C/CPT Madison Allen

Your staff is responsible for ensuring the Battalion as a whole is functioning properly in a number of different ways. Don't be afraid to reach out to them with questions!


Goodbye and Good Luck to the Class of 2019!

The graduation ceremony for the class of 2019 was held on May 30th at the University of Denver. Our very own Binh Nguyen, Jayden Engbretson, Alicia Lara, Elena Awe, Bella Oakley, Angelina James, and Anthony Corona received their diplomas and are now officially high school graduates! They will move on to attend college or join the military. Congratulations to you all. From beginning to end, the graduation was beautiful and many tears were shed. We'll miss you, seniors!

In addition, thank you to Cadets Allison Jones, Essence Sweetwine, Nicolas Carrasco, Katrena Silleto, and Marcos Bonilla for performing the presentation of the colors at the beginning of the ceremony.

Staff Trip to Washington D.C.

Staff worked very hard to ensure that the JPA Inspection went well, so well that the 3rd Battalion earned a 99% and received the highest score not only in Denver but ranked among the highest in the region. As a reward, the 2018-2019 staff recently went on a trip to Washington D.C. The staff got to experience many aspects of D.C. including visiting war memorials, the Capitol building, multiple museums, eating food from many different cultures, and so much more. The trip was very emotional, to say the least, and it brought all of the staff members closer.








Viking Female Raiders Place 4th in Denver!

The female Viking Army JROTC Raider Team placed 4th at the annual Denver All City Raider Meet @ Lincoln High School Wednesday afternoon.  Events included a 1-mile run, 200-meter litter carry, HMMWV pull, obstacle, an agility course, and tug-of-war.  Great Job to Bella Oakley, Lilli Gregg, Leslie Orona, and Mylee Martinez.

2019 Military Ball

Many North Cadets attended this year's ball, including our staff. Everyone had a great time with one another during dinner, dancing, and taking pictures.









The North JROTC Raider team traveled to Pueblo County High School, Home of the Hornets, on Friday, February 22 to compete in the annual Raider Invitational. 15 Army and Air Force JROTC teams from Colorado and New Mexico competed head-to-head in an obstacle course, 100 Meter HMMWV pull, 1 minute of push-ups and sit-ups, one rope bridge crossing, and a 5K cross country run. North's Team 1 placed 3rd in the one rope bridge crossing and 4th overall. Many of our Raiders had personal best times in the 5K. Great work Viking Raiders.








Congratulations to the Marksmanship team!

The Denver JROTC Brigade annual marksmanship awards ceremony was held on Thursday afternoon. Your 3rd Battalion “Viking” teams brought home the hardware again. North’s teams and their coach SFC (retired) Aaron Sheppard won 1st and 2nd place team overall Sporter Class and 3rd place overall Precision Class. Elena Ferrell was awarded top shooter Sporter Class, Suri Mendez was awarded top novice shooter Sporter Class and Mayra Luna was awarded 3rd place individual Precision Class. 10 schools in DPS participated with multiple teams in this league. They competed in multiple tournaments throughout the year. Congratulations to these Cadets. Your dedication, hard work, and commitment bring great credit upon yourselves, North High School, and the JROTC program.  Thank you to the Marksmanship team for making our program proud.

Great Job CyberPatriot!

The North High School Army JROTC Cyber Patriot Teams competed in the Colorado State round on Sunday, January 13th. The two teams had 6 hours to solve as many problems and answer as many questions as they could in three different training images in Windows, Ubuntu, and Server operating systems to gain points. Results will be released later in the week. Congratulations to Team 1- Aaron Singer, J Howard Taylor, Willa Polman, Isabella Fernandez, Aaron Perez- and Team 2- Seng Ing, Allison Jones, Gavin Eaton, and Roman Ubias- for their dedication, commitment to excellence, and teamwork in completing the third round this year.  For more information about cyber patriot training and competition visit: uscyberpatriot.org 


Cadets Jaden Engbretson, Nicolas Carrasco, Allison Jones, and Marcos Bonilla presented the Colors at the opening of the Duty to God ceremony at the University of Denver.








A North Army JROTC Color Guard Team led by Cadet CSM Allison Jones presented the US Colors and gave a flag folding class to 100 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders on Friday morning at the Flat Irons Academy Veterans Day Celebration. In attendance were 200 students, staff, and families celebrating and recognizing our nation's Veterans.  




JROTC Cadets on their trip to the University of Wyoming

8 Cadets from the North High School JROTC visited the Cowboy Battalion, Army ROTC @ the University of Wyoming on November 29, 2018.  Elena Ferrell, Benet Bungum, Annabelle Enriquez, Tammy Vigil, Mark Sieman, Destinee McClean, and Annabelle Sanchez received a tour of the campus from a recent graduate of the University 2LT Miller.  The tour included the ROTC area, a dorm room, university library, school of nursing, dining facility, and student union.   





Veterans Day Parade

123 Army JROTC Cadets from the North JROTC program marched in the Annual Denver Veterans Day Parade on Saturday, 10 November to acknowledge and honor our Nations's veterans.   Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Binh Nguyen led the Battalion of Cadets in the parade which worked its way around Civic Center Park.  The Viking Cadets all enjoyed pizza and Gatorade afterward.  







The Viking Army JROTC Raider, Color Guard, and Marksmanship teams competed in the annual Loveland High School JROTC Combined Skills event on Saturday the 20th of October.   21 Army, Airforce, and Marine Corps JROTC programs from across Colorado and Wyoming competed in this day-long multi-skills event.   Your Viking Army JROTC Cadets placed 3rd overall.   The Viking Marksmanship team brought home the 3rd place trophy in the shooting event.


Congratulations Raider Team!

Your North Army JROTC Raider Teams competed in the annual Junior Cadet Raider competition sponsored and run by the Cowboy Battalion, ROTC of the University of Wyoming on Saturday the 6th of October.   The grueling day-long competition consisted of a modified physical fitness test (1-mile run, 1 minute of push-ups, 1 minute of sit-ups), ½ mile 35lb rucksack run, 1 rope bridge crossing, obstacle course, run-dodge-jump, thee leaders reaction lanes (blind soccer,  spider web, minefield) a tour of the U of W campus and a drill and ceremony competition.   The Viking Raiders brought home 1st Place in the physical fitness test, 2nd place in the obstacle course, and 4th in the 35lb rucksack out of 28 Army and Air Force JROTC Raider Teams from Colorado and Wyoming. Their teamwork, sportsmanship, and esprit de corps were amazing and they had fun doing it.  Great Job Viking Raiders!!!!!


The North JROTC Color Guard Presented the Color!!

The North Army JROTC Color Guard presented the colors and escorted the daughter of a Korean War Air Force Pilot still listed as “missing in action”,  Friday night, 21 September, at the Idaho Springs Elks Club POW / MIA Recognition Day Ceremony.   


Individual Best Female Award!!

Cadet 1st Lieutenant Bente Bungum earned the Runner Up / Best Female Cadet award and plaque.  She was the only Denver Cadet to achieve this standing in the top 4 of 250 Cadets.  Way to go Bente!  


JCLC 2018

North Army JROTC Cadets Angelina James, Anthony Corona, Maya Degraff, Aaron Singer, Seng Ing,  Anthony Doung, Jesse Rubald, Bente Bungum, Nickolas Carrasco, Katrina Silletto, and Madison Allen joined 240 other Army and Air Force JROTC Cadets from 20 other schools in Colorado and New Mexico at the week-long Junior Cadet Leadership Camp, 4-8 June, at the Magness Adventure Camp, Kiowa CO.   Activities included obstacle courses, leaders reaction courses, canoeing, orienteering, first aid, physical cadet challenges, tug o war and everyone’s favorite event, repelling.  Our cadets performed superbly and represented North Vikings extremely well, with each bringing home numerous medals for outstanding performance and leadership.



At the Orienteering Event that took place at Fox Run Park, the North Male Raider team placed third, and Cadet Angelina James placed 3rd in the overall female category. Congratulations to you all.


Denver Raider team wins 3rd Overall in Orlando

Marco Coronado, from North Army JROTC, and 10 other Cadets from Denver (Abraham Lincoln, West, and George Washington High schools) placed 3rd overall at the National JROTC Physical Fitness Competition in Orlando, FL on Saturday, 5 May.  Awesome Job!!!!


The North Army JROTC Raiders placed 3rd

The North Army JROTC Raiders placed 3rd in the Army Physical Fitness test event (2 minutes of push-ups, 2 minutes of sit-ups, and a 2-mile run) as well as the cross fit event at the 1st annual North/West Raider open on Saturday 28 April at the West High School. Other events included the HMMWV pull, the standing broad jump, team pull-up competition, 400-meter litter carry, and a mystery event.


Raider Team in Canon City

North’s JROTC Raider team braved temperatures in the mid to high 20s on Saturday, April 7th to compete with 90 other Cadets from schools around Colorado in the 10 annual Canon City Eco Raider Challenge. Cadets Aaron Singer, Marco Coronado, Anthony Dyoung, Issac Daly, Nicolas Carrasco, and Daniel DeHerrera brought home 2nd place trophies in the 2-minute sit-up event and orienteering event. Other events in the competition included 2 push-up, a 100-meter stretcher carry, team HMMWV pull, and 5 Kilometer cross country run.


Colorado State Capitol

The North Army JROTC Color Guard was invited by Representative Paul Rosenthal to present the Colors during the opening of the session at the State Capitol Thursday morning in Denver.  Cadets Jaden Engebertson, Dylon Santon, Allison Jones, and Katrena Silletto presented the colors and met several Colorado State Representatives.  Well done Vikings.


Denver City Raider Competition

Viking Raiders place 2nd in the Brigade Raider Challenge 1 mile run on Wednesday, March 21st. Other events included an HMMWV pull, 400-yard litter carry, Tire Flip, and obstacle course.


Individual Drill Down Winner

On March 17th at the All-City Competition, our very own Nicolas Carrasco placed 3rd in the brigade representing North LET 1's.  We are extremely proud of this first-year Cadet!


21On March 17th, North High School's Freshman Drill Team took second in the Brigade at the All-City Competition. Congratulations! 


Military Ball

On Friday, Cadets from North High School attended the annual Military Ball. The event was an absolute success for all attending!


Raider Team!

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Jeraldy Ramos led the North JROTC Raider Team in earning a 2nd place trophy in the HMMWV pull and 3rd place trophy in the tire flip event on Friday the 2nd of March at the Pueblo County Raider meet.  Cadets Aaron Singer, William Quintana, Anthony Doung, Issac Daly, Daniel Heherra, Jesse Rubald, Anthony Corona, and Francisco Adame all competed. Other events included a 5K cross county-run, 1 minute of push-ups and 1 minute of sit-ups, crossing a single-rope bridge, and a 400 meter 160-pound litter carry. The Vikings finished 4th overall. 


Bright Future!

Congratulations to our very own Captain Dylon Swanton who enlisted in the Navy this year. We wish you luck and are all very proud. 


Cyber Patriot!

North's two Cyber Patriot teams advanced to the semi-final round of the National Cyber Patriot Competition. The two teams placed first and third in the state. Congrats!