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You must go to the board if you are attempting to be promoted to the rank of Cadet Sergeant or higher. The board is usually made up of 3 to 4 officers or high NCO's that ultimately decide whether or not you are ready to take on more responsibilities that come with a higher rank. Cadets on the board inspect your uniform and appearance, overall presentation, ability to report in, and knowledge. Additionally you will be asked three random questions to test your JROTC and individual knowledge and asked to execute all of the facing movements. Below are the specific procedures you must execute as well as the rubric the board will use to grade you. Don't be afraid to reach out to your Cadet leaders for help in preparation for board promotion testing.



Cadet: Knocks three times

President of the Board: Acknowledge Cadet by stating "Enter" loud enough for the Cadet to hear

Cadet: Opens the door, marches to a point that is three marching paces form the board members. The Cadet may have to complete a column depending on how the board room is set up. In addition, the Cadet should be centered to be directly facing the President of the Board. Cadet then reports, "Cadet _________, LET ___ reports to the President of the Board as ordered." Cadet does not drop the salute yet.

President of the Board: Stands up, renders the hand salute and then drops the salute.

Cadet: Drops hand salute AFTER the President of the BOard drops his/her salute.

President of the Board: "Cadet _________, we will begin by giving a few stationary marching commands." 

"Left, FACE"

"About, FACE"

"Right, FACE"

"About, FACE"

President of the Board: "Cadet _________, we will now be asking you a series of questions, I will begin the questioning and will be followed by Cadet _________, who will then be followed by Cadet ________."

President of the Board: "Parade, REST."

General questions will be asked at this point by the Cadets on the board.

President of the Board: "Cadet ________, that concludes our questions. Do you have any questions of your own for the board members?"

The Cadet may ask any questions the have at this point. If not, then they must state, "No sir/ma'am."

President of the Board: "We will call you back in after all Cadets have completed board proceedings. You are dismissed."

Cadet: Renders hand salute until the President of the Board returns the salute and drops his/her salute. Cadet does an about face and marches the most direct route exiting the board.


Cadets report to the board individually as they did before. Cadet knocks three times; President of the Board states, "Enter". Cadet enters the room exactly as they did before. The same introduction and salute must occur as well. Cadet's salute must not be dropped until the President of the Board drops theirs.

President of the Board: "Parade, REST"

Constructive feedback and criticism is given the the Cadet at this time, starting with the President of the Board and then other board members. The Cadet is also told if they passed or failed, and if they passed, they are given their new rank.

President of the Board: "You are dismissed."

Cadet: Salutes, drops their salute after the President of the Board drops theirs. Cadet exits as they did before.

IMPORTANT: Cadets responding to questions from the Board should answer members with appropriate military courtesy. Example: "The answer is ______, sir/ma'am/Sergeant."

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