2019-2020 Team Members

Precision Gold​​​

  1. Mayra Luna
  2. Abigail Orozco
  3. Mark Semien
  4. Trinity Vargas

Precision Purple

  1. Cassandra Lopez-Valdez
  2. Diana Arceo-Rodriguez
  3. Logan Ely

Precision Individual

  1. Jada Duran

Sporter Gold

  1. Elena Farell
  2. Katrena Siletto
  3. Seng Ing
  4. Suriana Mendez-Chan

Sporter Purple

  1. Eva Santistevan
  2. Iris Agustin-Martinez
  3. Alani Reynolds
  4. Paula Madrid

Sporter Individual

  1. Alexa Madrid
  2. Nabila Huapaya


​North’s rifle team is a highly competitive team offered by JROTC. During the season, the team has a match every week against another team in DPS. The Rifle Team shoots at targets displayed 10m away and points are tallied up based on the precision of your aim to the target. The maximum amount of point a cadet can earn during a match is 300 points-100 in prone position, 100 in standing, and 100 in kneeling.  The rifle team is under the guidance of Sergeant Sheppard. 

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