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1. In your own words, define leadership.
2. Other than completing the drill commands, explain why you should be promoted to Cadet Sergeant (see below for the drill commands).
3. Describe the duties of a Squad Leader.

Drill Commands 

Using four other Cadets in a Platoon formation, conduct open ranks march, align the platoon, and close ranks march. Be prepared to explain the speciifc actions of each squad during these actions.

Promotions Board

Attend the Promotions Board and receive proficient or above on the rubric. Be prepared to verbally answer the following questions:
1.) What are your long-term goals (2-5 years out)?
2.) What are your short-term goals (within one year)?
3.) Why did you join JROTC and how has it helped you develop as a person?
4.) What does the abbreviation "JROTC" stand for?
5.) What does the abbreviation "LET" stand for?
6.) Name the seven Army Values and describe which one is most important to you and why.
You will receive one random question from each board member in addition to the above questions.
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